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My work is grounded in the traditional pottery of the American Northeast and draws influence from Japanese making techniques that focus on a medititative commitment to the process and a celebration of the inherent imperfections of handmade wares. I am grateful for the boundaries that function and tradition place on my work. As such, I aim to make pots that evoke a sense of history, yet are born entirely of the present.


Pottery is the intersection of art and craft - the perfect combination of form and function - which makes it an ideal way to imbue our hectic, modern lives with art. The way a handle is marked by the maker's fingers, the slight imperfections of a rim, glaze breaking over an altered surface - all of it is entirely unique to that piece. This can make something as humble as a simple mug into a piece of art. As such, my hope is that my pots will be used often, and not treated preciously. That their use becomes an oppurtunity for connection, appreciation, and contemplation.



I work primarily in stoneware, both red and white, often altering forms on the wheel to achieve a natural and fluid surface. I make use of a curated palette of slips, oxides, and glazes, which draw inspiration from both traditional pottery and the natural colors of New England.


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