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Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of traditional pottery in the American Northeast, my work is an homage to the artistry of the past while embracing the beauty and excitement of the present. I am grateful for the boundaries set by function and tradition, as they serve as guiding principles that ground my creative journey.

Pottery is the convergence of artistry and functionality—a perfect synthesis. Each piece I create bears the indelible marks of its maker—the imprints of my fingers on a handle, the subtle irregularities of a rim, or the mesmerizing movement of glaze over an altered surface. These imperfections are not flaws but rather the unique signatures that render each piece an individual work of art.

I aspire for my pottery to transcend simple utility and become a cherished part of daily rituals. I encourage customers to use my work frequently, and without an ounce of preciousness, believing that their use is a catalyst for connection, appreciation, and contemplation. 

May my work serve as vessels not only for beverages or meals but also for moments of pause and reflection. May they evoke a sense of today, while remaining rooted in the past. And may they inspire others to embrace the inherent beauty of imperfection and find solace in the simplicity of the handmade .



I work primarily in stoneware, often altering forms on the wheel to achieve a natural and fluid surface. I make use of a curated palette of slips, oxides, and glazes, which draw inspiration from both traditional pottery and the natural colors of New England.


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